Buy before you sell!

Traditionally, buying a home has often been contingent on selling your existing home. In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, non-contingent and cash offers are usually the most attractive to sellers, but many people don’t have access to that amount of cash before they sell their existing home.

Collective Offers Modern Bridge allows you to buy your new home with a cash-backed offer before you sell your existing home. It’s that simple!

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    Here's how it works in 6 easy steps!

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    Step 2
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    Step 5
    Step 5

    Get Pre-Funded with Collective Offers Powered by Zavvie

    Get pre-approved with Collective Mortgage and become Pre-Funded with Collective Offers Powered by Zavvie to utilize thier Buy Before you Sell Program.  Collective Mortgage and the Modern Bridge team work in tandem to make sure you are set up with your maximum offer price as well as your pre-approval for your home loan.

    Find your new home

    This is the fun part! You can shop for your new home with an agent. And the best part? Make a winning offer with Collective Offers Modern Bridge funds to lock in your next home.

    Make your cash offer

    You have no client obligation until this step, which means you can shop without feeling pressured. Once you make your offer, you’ll make a 2.5% deposit to Collective Offers Modern Bridge, which is in lieu of earnest money. 

    Move into your new home

    Collective Offers Modern Bridge will close on your new home so you can move in while you sell your old home – without the financial risk of two mortgages. You’ll pay a prorated rate of deferred occupancy cost (DOC) for the days you live in your new home (usually 40 days or less). 

    List your existing home

    Take time to prepare your existing home to list, then sell for full market value with the help of an experienced agent. You won’t have the traditional hassle of showings while you live there or the pressure to sell your home before you find your new one

    Close on your new home

    Once your existing home sells, secure your mortgage loan with Collective Mortgage to buy your new home back from Collective Offers Modern Bridge at the original price. You’ll receive your 2.5% deposit back, minus the 1.9% fee, and DOC - many clients get money back at closing!

    The Numbers Don’t Lie

    When the pace of appreciation outweighs the convenience fee, it’s clear why Modern Bridge could be the best option for you

    STEP 1
    Pre-funded & Pre-approved

    Maximum offer price from 8z Offers$750,000
    Highest offer price$725,000
    Your offer price (All cash from 8z Offers)
    *Potentially 1-2% lower than the highest competing offer

    STEP 2
    Under Contract on New Home

    2.5% deposit to Collective Offers Modern Bridge$17,762

    STEP 3
    List Your Existing Home

    Home listing price$650,000
    Home sale price
    *With more time to prepare your existing home with the help of an agent, you have the potential to sell for more money.

    STEP 4
    Close on New Home

    10% down payment$71,050
    Mortgage loan amount$639,450

    STEP 5
    Money You Get Back

    From 2.5% deposit$17,762
    Deferred occupancy cost while living in your new home for 30 days
    (typically 40 days or less before you buy back new home)
    1.9% convenience fee-$13,499
    Total You Get Back$703

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      Cash Buyer & Modern Bridge Frequently asked questions

      Why should I use Cash Buyer or Modern Bridge (Collective Offers Modern Bridge)?

      By using Collective Offers powered by Zavvie to place a cash offer on your desired home, you are getting the highest chance of success for a winning bid. Sellers prefer non-contingent cash offers because they allow for a smoother, faster transaction, with a higher probability of closing. Loan-based offers can often drag on or completely fall apart. It normally takes 30 days to close on a loan and a lot can change in that time. Give yourself a competitive edge by submitting an cash offer and let sellers and agents know the deal is as good as done once it’s accepted.

      What is the difference between Modern Bridge and Cash Buyer?

      Modern Bridge is for clients who need the proceeds from their current home before closing on a new mortgage. Cash Buyer is for clients who can close on their mortgage without selling another property. This includes first-time home buyers!

      For Modern Bridge, how long do I have to sell my home?

      You have 60 days from the moment 8z Offers close on your new home to get under contract on the sale of your old home. After this point, 8z Offers reserves the right to reduce the listing price on your old home.

      Who controls the negotiations and closing?

      You and your 8z agent are still in control of all negotiations and due diligence items like a typical transaction, inclusive of inspection. 8z Offers wants it to be a highly personalized experience, as it would be with a traditional closing. 8z Offers is here to bring cash to closing and help you win your dream home.

      Is an inspection required?

      Yes, 8z Offers requires an inspection on all purchase contracts. 8z Offers needs your approval before signing any and all due diligence documents. For example, the inspection resolution.

      Am I financially qualified for the program?

      Cash approval can be given with as little as a 5% down payment on your mortgage. In addition, you must have 2.5% of your new home purchase price in liquid funds for your deposit. This will be due upon 8z Offers going under contract on the new home. 8z Offers will take care of earnest money!

      How long does the approval process take?

      In addition to mortgage pre-approval, 8z Offers fully underwrites your loan. This process takes approximately 48-72 hours in addition to their standard mortgage pre-approval.